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  • Conductor of Dreams

    Death floods the mind of memory, but there are always new ones to make. As I sat on the cold, iron bench in the dimly lit subway station, surrounded by an eerie silence that seemed to seep into my bones, a wave of drowsiness overcame me.  The events of the day mixed with the heat…

  • The Great Pineapple

    Some days, more often than not, you feel like you’re going forwards and backwards – all at the same time. Some days though, it’s just freedom, just quiet – just chuffed and full of joy.

  • The NextJS Journey

    Sprinkle a little fairy dust over on the ole’ GitHub profile, mix up the LinkedIn profile with some spice, preparing to build my little freelance shop up again, and the roadmap is starting to come together in this next phase of things (more details to come soon).

  • Welcome Back Little Soldier

    Welcome Back Little Soldier

    As a kid, there was this big thing I wanted to do for my dad at some point in my life – one of those “thank you” style ideas that meant something to me; I wanted to be able to buy him his dream 1940’s Chevy pickup truck.

  • How To Create Your Own ERC-20 Token in a Few Minutes

    How To Create Your Own ERC-20 Token in a Few Minutes

    Ever wanted to get rich with your very own coin?! Well, let me just tell you – this guide is going to help you get started… with just becoming more knowledgeable, but not adding any money to your real-world wallet (haha).

  • Getting Started with Python 3 Web Scraping

    Getting Started with Python 3 Web Scraping

    Diving deep into a lot of projects and education lately spread across a lot of languages and frameworks, but for today, we’re going to have a little bit of fun with some Python 3; web scraping. Data is priceless, having access to the data without manual requirements though, that’s just invaluable.

  • Bubbles of Champagne Bring Alignment

    Bubbles of Champagne Bring Alignment

    The steering wheel starts to shake, the tires feel off, just slightly imbalanced, and something feels odd – you as a driver go to the mechanic, then you have them realign things to get you back on the road and driving smoothly.